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Solutions, Software and Technologies for global tracking and positioning.

Precise Positioning & Tracking

From DGPS Signal & Correction to Oilfield Asset Tracking

The system is extensively used by the world’s leading oil and exploration companies when performing seismic profiling of geological formations. The demand for TracsTDMA high positional accuracy and precise timing control are more in demand than ever. Globavista’s remote-telemetry systems are used both in marine and land-based environments. The Globavista TracsTDMA has proven technology and is designed for the most hostile of environments, from Libya to Alaska. We welcome any enquiry.

Vessel Tracking

From SSAS to Commercial Vessel Tracking to Ocean Race Management

Originally designed for commercial vessel tracking, our vessel tracking software, Globavista Portal, is used not only for the tracking of both commercial vessels and fisheries fleets worldwide, but is also commonly integrated for applications such as maritime security and ocean race management. Globavista successfully provide key ocean race management and timing services to the toughest and most challenging of events, including the P1 Powerboat Grand Prix series and the Volvo Ocean Race. Please contact us with your enquiry.

Specialist Tracking

From Airport Vehicle Tracking to People Tracking to Expedition Safety.

The Globavista remote-telemetry system is now a world leader, assisting airport operators to keep their runways and aprons open during the most challenging and severe winter conditions. On land, using the most advanced and reliable technology, Globavista also supplies airside vehicle tracking solutions to some of the world’s busiest airports. Globavista’s TracsTDMA device helps provide highly accurate positioning and continuous real-time tracking. Globavista Portal recently supported and tracked a canoe expedition in the remote regions of Sweden.

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